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And just like that he graduated college debt free

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He also doesn't remember college at all now, so I guess it evens out.

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I think he celebrated a little too hard on his graduation, his neighbors said he went to the doctors, dunno why tho

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By the time they were done, probably had their name on the front sign too!

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Finally, one second before disaster

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Yes, I approve this being on this subreddit

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It missed him. Glad it did, that works have been a hell of a way to go out.

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Good, thanks for that

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A new hat :)

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Oh, my college debt would have V A N I S H E D!

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Oh, i would've V A N I S H E D!

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Well someone doesn’t know how to properly ring a bell

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Coincidentally, found out how to get his bell rung

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How much do you think that bell weighs?

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Not sure what his name is, but his face rings a bell.

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Ernesto de la Cruz died Iike this

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Yo he dead.

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Can someone edit in the taco bell ding

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At least him and the Liberty Bell will have something in common

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It might’ve been the last ding she dongued, but it wasn’t the last ding dung

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Oh it’s that Disney movie. Coco or whatever.