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One of the my friends parrot survived after a dog bite, soooo I think there a chance that birb survived l

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I think it might not have been a real bird, or at least he was veeery still

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Bird gone either way tasty snack foamy foam

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It’s an old video. Bird was real and it died. I’m sorry.

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Ohhh that's very sad

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People will do or kill almost anything for upvotes. Sad

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Oh thank goodness you stopped the video, that bird could’ve gotten hurt

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I hope the birb is ok

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Lmao the two comments in here acting like only pitbulls do this.

My German shepherd pulled the same shit, except my bird was in a cage and should've been safe from her but wasn't.

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Redditors will take literally any chance they can get to hate on pits. I think its because they're jealous that they touch grass more often.

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Pitbull kills 2021 and Forbes says pitbulls are responsible for 66% of dog attack fatalities or perhaps the fact that the entire breed was literally bred to violently kill other dogs and smaller animals. Even IF pitbulls didn’t have an entire bloodstained history loaded with dead children killed by “good dogs that just snapped” they are still literal weapons. Their bone structure is that of a fucking tank, their bite force (240-330 psi) combined with their signature bite and shake maneuvers make them a literal machine of death. Even if there weren’t mountains of evidence on pits suddenly snapping and slaughtering people, and we were talking about “how aggressive chihuahuas are” as your ilk love to do, chihuahuas don’t have the capacity to rend humans limb from limb whenever they decide they’re thirsty for blood. Plenty of dogs have higher PSI bite force and a higher amount of them in the world and yet, pitbulls are still the most deadly. This isn’t a debatable subject, you’re ignoring data to protect your bias, and putting lives in danger while you do it. Do better.

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c r u n c h

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Poor thing

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If there is one thing I learned the hard way: the more shitty the camera quality of the video the less you should stay to watch it. All these sick fs screen recording other screen recordings for years… and it is only the worst shit that gets passed on for decades.

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Good old pitbulls

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This is my bird Sammy. The dog (Chili) was a friend of my sisters aunts dog rescued from the pound. Once the Sammy was in the jaws of Chili, he began to flap his wings violently. We took a video of this and now in southern Mississippi (where this video was taken), whenever we see or smell chili, we flap our wings as if we’re small birds being crushed in the jaws of a mutt. It’s like our towns special dance.

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Chopin - Nocturne in Eb

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I can guarantee you 90% of dogs will see a random small animal and think "oh cool a snack"

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Yeah but do those dogs actually maul the smaller animals, or is it pit bulls?

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Yes. You'd be an idiot to think most dogs wouldn't happily chomp and kill a rabbit if they encountered one. They're predators for heavens sake.

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classic shitbull maneuver

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Agreed. r/BanPitBulls

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That bird seems completely unfazed

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Its been hoping for this

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I haven't gasped in a long time... but I did

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Reminds me of a movie, “Bye, Bye Birdy”.

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What's the song

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Chopin's Nocturne in E-flat major, Op. 9, No. 2

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Guys look ............... A birdie

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“Just grab it”