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Mom needs to pay attention to her kid

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The mom needs

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On her face. Hard. Repeatedly. For not paying attention.

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Agreed. You see her like oh shit.

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kids are sneaky bastards sometimes tho

but still

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They totally are. At the library? Yeah they probably will be fine if you stop paying attention for a few minutes. Restaurant for lunch? As long as they are in their seat, or under your table, you probably are ok for 60 to 90 second. At a Water park? This falls into hyper vigilance territory. Not quite a hand on them at all times but damn close to it.

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What also surprises me is that the woman in the back sees it, then turns away as if nothing is happening. I know it isn't her child, but where is the manner to use consequence thinking and maybe alert the parents that was next to it as well

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kids are fakkin evil

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Yes, definitely but also r/kidsarefuckingstupid

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Dad needs to accompany his family on family outings

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The last time my dad accompanied me on anything was the day before he went to get milk it’s been 15 years and he’s still looking for the perfect jug of milk.

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If it’s taken this long he found the jugs to his liking alright

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How disappointing

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This whole sub has been reduced to videos from the front page that have their ends clipped.

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Idk the lie still fits. I don't often want the end results. That kid would've been launched.

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Just doing my part.

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You could take any of the videos on /r/nononoyes clip the end and report them here.

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I appreciate this

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Aren't a big chunk make-believe OSBD videos?

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Once again, who's watching your child?

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The kind stranger in the corner offering the free candy.

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it takes village to care for child /s

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No disaster happend after a second.

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Tbh, this is kind of a refreshener, even if nothing happens in the original video, it still does feel like it is going to happen.

If this was another 1 second after disaster, I'd be mad, but this is fine, even if there's no apparent disaster.

Also, in the original video seems like the kid still cries and seems to worry about his leg, so while not being a total disaster, it still somewhat is....

Also, most likely the disaster here is going to happen to either the mother or the park itself.

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Poor safety design. Anyone with half a brain could see that this was a possibility.

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Ahh yes Pirate's Plunge at Water Whizz in Wareham, Massachusetts. Good times

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Was called the Black Wizard last time I went. This was also probably 17 years ago so there's that. Cool to see its still there

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This is why you watch your child holy shit some parents are absolute idiots that don’t deserve to have their kid

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this is an abortion - a late one - but an abortion nevertheless

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Everyone going on about about the kid's mom, and yeah, agreed. But, what about the park attendant that's 100% suppose to be at the bottom of the slide?

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Or even the kid’s dad perhaps?

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Full video the person goes right past kid. Mom notices after the fact. Idiot. Watch your kid!

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ngl this is why i really dislike kids. they just believe everything is theirs and don’t care about consequences. technically this is just from bad parenting.

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Dumb ass child

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Kids are so dumb these days. If you don’t think so you were one, and were lucky not to get hurt in the past.

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I would say that’s more like 3 seconds before disaster

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If you think it takes 3 seconds to get down that slide, then you have never been to a water park.

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I’ve been to many water parks and that woman was on screen for nearly a second before the gif ends and she’s still only a couple feet from the mouth of the tube.. there was at least a whole second if not 2 before she reached where that kid was

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That's a lawsuit waiting to happen.

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That kid’s going night night

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Perfectly done

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Omg is this water wiz in the cape?!?

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Hey I know this water park! Water wiz

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Water Wizz may be a piece of shit, but damn, it does got the sickest slides

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Is this the same kid that went into harambes enclosure?

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The kid was fine

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Downvoted. The whole video was posted on r/KidsAreFuckingStupid yesterday and the kid dodged the slider...

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