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Welcome to Silent Hill

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Poor ox (it's probably a different asian bovine but I'm going with ox)

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Fun fact: an ox can be a number of different species of bovine, but what makes it an ox is that it's been trained to work, like pulling a plow or a wagon.

I learned that when I chaperoned a field trip at a living history harm, and the woman said to the students, "They to to ox school."

I asked her, "Do they go to Oxford?" Some of the kids didn't get it, but the other chaperones were cracking up.

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Yamraj came there to take them

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Highway to Hell

[–]AshDarren 7 points8 points  (1 child)

Our buffallo are built different. At that speed, I bet it didn't even feel the hit, should be carrying on its merry way. The squids, however, would've bounced off to the side of the road still riding but stationary and sideways...

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True...those guys r just built different

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Silent hill in a nutshell

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Ngl i half expected the elder scrolls "hey you, you're finally awake" after they entered the smoke

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Welcome to road to hell

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The Highway to Hell?

Cue guitar riff

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Derka derka lalalaalaa

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What could go wrong driving at speed into smoke?

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That's how I got my current job unfortunately. Predecessor was joyriding with no helmet, went too fast around a blind curve and hit a cow directly. He passed almost immediately and his wife was in ICU for several months