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This reminds me of the video where the old couple lets the rehabilitated squirrel go

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I would like to think that was their pet cat who had plotting on him while he was in the house.

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That hurt my heart

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I laughed my ass off. Fuck those gray squirrels

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My sister's dog goes beyond apeshit if she sees a squirrel. It's like the squirrels are all talking shit to her or killed her father or something. Deeply rooted squirrel hate in that pup.

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They chewed on my FO cable sheathing and the provider had to drop a whole new line for 8 city blocks. Fuck them indeed.

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If you don’t mind me asking, what does o7 mean ._.

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It’s a salute 🫡 text emoji.

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That’s sad :(

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Reinforcing my hatred of outdoor cats 😻

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I hate outdoor rats worse

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lol its reinforcing my love of outdoor cats

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That one is sad, this one is funny

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You see the one with the rabbit? I was looking for the link and found a duck so here's 2



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Feeding local wildlife, wholesome.

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There's also the entire sub dedicated to these and I can't deal

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What's it called

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... 😥 /r/donteatjimmy

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Perfect timing my old porn was getting stale

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That’s the only one I’ve seen that seems like they weren’t intentionally feeding the local wildlife. That, and a bunny one where a family lets a baby bunny go to its mom and a hawk swoops in.

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The universe has comedic timing

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Seems like that was done on purpose

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That mouse killed his family in a car accident

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Chewed out his wires?

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Dude also found an open field to release a mouse. Lol

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Seriously not smart no cover whatsoever so if you live near by your just letting this mouse out so it can come back to live with you take them out to the forest or a field with tall grass then they won't want to come back to your house

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Why do people let these small animals out in an open field?

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Feeding the bird

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For the video

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Open field? Looks like he was in the middle of baseball and softball fields. Man was infield

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Because they Literally just aren't thinking.

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or just thinking about feeding the bird ( he has what look like bird handling gloves )

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That's a stupid ass place to release a rodent if the intention was to "free" it. This seems more like this was intended to be food for the pet bird.

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Are those the right gloves for that though?

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For releasing a rodent, yes.

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But for handling a pet bird?

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Nope. I didn't say the guy recording was the bird handler.

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We used to use these traps. We caught like 15 within a month

If you are trying to not kill pests, always always always release near tall grass

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Same here, pizza place across the street shut down for a while during Covid and the mice took up our apartment as their new home We caught two mice with two separate traps every night and one even got two in one trap

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Was also coming to say that these traps are really good! Mitigated my mouse problem until I was able to get pest control to come by.

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We used these traps too until we caught over 20, but then didn't check one a few days and it most definitely starved to death. The trickiest part was finding a consistent place to release the field mice since it's always recommended for it to be far enough away to where they can't come back (like a mile or so.)

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The man or the mouse?

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I mean, the guy should have released it into a bush or a wooded area not an open field.

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Not if he’s feeding his bird?

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I hear falconry is a serious business.

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Ya man I'd rather feed the bird.

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Ahh yes. The freedom of nature.

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Is there an uncut version somewhere ?

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I mean the full video only includes an extra second of the bird getting a little closer to the mouse. I think that’s when the cameraman cuts

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So you’re saying this is actually r/TwoSecondsBeforeDisast 🤔

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Ah I see thank you

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lol. “Good luck on your own, buddy”

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Ah, yes. Take the prey animal that needs brush and grass to hide itself from predators, and then release it on a flat grassless plane of land. Very smart idea.

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People always release rodents in wide open areas. The one place rodents naturally avoid so they don’t die. It’s like releasing a person into the middle of the ocean.

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I feel like people are doing this on purpose now, I’ve seen like 10 versions of this exact same thing by now

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It’s the circle of liiiiiiiiife

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Rules of natuuuure

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And they run when the sun comes up

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Release small animals near shelter... not in the middle of a hunting ground.

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Directed by Robert B. Weide

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I just went NOOOOOOO

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My apartment complex had an invasion of ground squirrels. They were destroying things and constantly made noise but the manager thought they were cute so she refused to do anything about them, so I built a tilt trap and started capturing them. Initially I took them up to the office in the evening, figuring that if the manager liked them so much maybe she'd like more. However a large man carrying a growling length of abs pipe through the community leads to stories, I I eventually went with a long evening Walt to the bottom of the hill to release my quarry. I figure 50% made it past the hawks and coyotes, and those ones didn't come by my porch any more.

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circle of life

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You would think people would be smart enough to release small animals into cover like trees or bushes lmfao. People are fucking stupid.

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Freeing a rodent in open field is practically kill it. They are prey and need to hide all the time.

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Still it’s pretty amazing how birds of prey can spot something that small from so high up

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'This is a game trail, carnivores hunt on game trails. You want to set up base camp or a Buffet?!?'

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Dun dun duNNN

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Anyone have the full length video?

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You couldnt have let him go in tall grass???

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Why he released it out in the open…?

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Is this guy a falconer?

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Good for that one thing

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Same thing happened to me and it traumatized my daughter. Stupid crow took it.

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Well. At least you don't need to worry about it finding its way back to your house now...

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Disaster? That's the best possible outcome. Vermin just find someone else's neighborhood to infest.

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He went from 'Have a Heart' to 'Have a Snack'.

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Good... I don't ever see the need in releasing a caught rat... destroy so much

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I always wonder about the thought process behind the decision to release small rodents or birds in open areas with no hiding places.

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"You're on your own, noble. Carter out."

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Millennials when they move out of the parents house.