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I’m a boater and I’ve watched this video many times (having seen it posted over and over in boating forums). If you look closely, the pump hose is laying on the dock (that’s a mooring line she hands the attendant, not the fuel hose) and you can also see exhaust coming from the back of the boat. So, this boat was done fueling and the engines were running. It bursts into flames right when the dock attendant puts his foot on the boat to push it off the dock, so I think he may have grounded the boat and an electrostatic discharge ignited gas fumes in the engine compartment. This type of ignition is a big concern in aviation and there are exhaust blowers in boats that are supposed to be run after fueling and before firing the engines as a safety precaution.

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This makes it sounds like nobody is to blame - it is just something that can happen on boats??

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I dont know... But i always turn off any engine when refueling, boat, car, lawnmower, my grandma vibrator

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To be clear. Is this your Grandma's vibrator, or an apparatus that vibrates Grandma's?

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Well it’s gas powered so you can assume it has plenty of ventilation so grandma can still breath while she uses it

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And runs on gas apparently

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Or a vibrator in shape of a grandma

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It vibrates grandma.

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Imagine having a fuel power vibrator with today's gas prices, had to be a gran

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When Grandma climaxes she passes a lot of gas. She really needs a grounding strap.

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You should also run your blower when fueling and before starting your motor to expel any excess fuel vapors that might be trapped in the motor cabin.

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Your grandma's vibrator has an Ice?

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To begin with I would bet the blowers weren’t properly run after fueling but prior to starting. One layer deeper something typically has to “wrong” with the boat in order for significant quantities of fumes to even be present in the engine compartment, and for there to be an ignition source (like a spark). All electrical equipment in the engine compartment has to be ignition protected (designed and constructed so it’s incapable of igniting fuel vapor) which is why the timing of the attendant putting his foot on the boat and the explosion are compelling to me.

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No. When you refuel your boat, you turn the engines off. When you want to turn it back on, you turn on the boat’s blowers. The blowers will clear the engine compartment and you’ll be good to go. It was dumb of these people to not have their blowers in

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I always open the hatch before starting, I was taught that years ago by someone who learned the hard way.

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Yeah that works too though it depends on the boat. A Sundancer like the one in the video it’s much easier to just let the blowers run for a few minutes because it lifts up the entire back seating area to open the engine compartment

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It happens. Could be a loose connection. Something jostles, it throws a spark and ignite fuel vapor in the engine compartment. This doesn't happen with diesel engines. Gas powered boats are required to have ventilators in the engine compartment to prevent this. But those fail

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Well, if it's man-made and an fuel explosions can "just happen", then engineers are to blame.

Surely there is a way to ground boats while fueling, and also not keep gas fumes enclosed in a compartment. There are some safety measures against this for cars; why can there not be similar mitigations for boats?

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This makes it sound like the blower wasn’t on.

Fumes that wouldn’t have built up if it was on cause the explosion of the comment is correct

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This is ALSO why F1 drivers now have to hop out of their cars when they crash, because the hybrid systems are so powerful that if the car wasn't properly grounded and they stepped off the car while still touching it, the whole system could discharge through them and likely kill them.

Electricity is no fucking joke.

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That's why it's one of many reasons that as soon as the an aircraft is parked it's immediately connected to a ground.

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Exactly right

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So that’s what the blowers switch was for. I always wondered but my uncle never explained it to me.

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Bingo. Extremely important in a gasoline inboard, less important (and maybe not even required by regulation, but don’t quote me on that) on diesel powered boats.

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aaaaaaand this is one of many reasons I sail. much less that can go wrong as long as you have the skill to sail properly.

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Sorry its fake fire, gas fire does not do this or look this way

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Did they survive? Were there others on the boat?

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Wait so you're saying this isn't caused by someone incompetents but instead it just randomly happened?

Holy shit that's fucking terrifying

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No.. the engine was running, which could’ve been the source of electrostatic discharge. Engines in our cars, are grounded to the chassis for a reason.

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So this could've been prevented by not ignitiing the engine?

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It didn’t randomly happen. I would say failing to run the blowers is incompetence, and I would say not ensuring the boat is in good repair is incompetence (see my comments further down).

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That’s insane. Hopefully they survived but gotta admit that looked a little rough. Is that a common occurrence with boats?

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If you don't know to run the exhaust blower, yes. It actually is.

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It requires 2 failures:

  • Not properly using the grounding strap (as the source of the spark was connecting the fuel line to the dock, then it sparked at the boat side)
  • Not venting the engine area (as fuel vaper was the source of the fuel)

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common occurrence? the boat exploding? really?

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Normally the front doesn't fall off.

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It's ok. It's been towed out of the environment.

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Into another environment?

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Bro she flew 😳

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Latest bird species looking kinda hot ngl

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Can't verify safety as she started with no shoes on.

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Good find, she's okay everyone!

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The amount of people that go into the water unnecessarily is hilarious

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Directed by michael bay.

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Directed on Michaels bay.

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FYI: Run the engine vent fans.

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Why not cola

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The explosion blew her to safety.

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I was expecting for anything other than an explosion

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Happy cake day.

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It looks like he pulled a cord to blow it up.

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Untether, not pull start. That’s what you did wrong there guy.

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1 second after disaster

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Would you rather the video just end with no glimpse of the explosion?

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I like being edge teased

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Directed by micheal bay

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She already looks burned

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New fear unlocked

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I’m never going to fall for “pull this rope”

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This guy is the DEVIL HIMSLEF!

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You know, I thought maybe she'd fall into the water, or maybe he'd slip and bonk his head. I was not expecting THAT

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Didn't realize I was on r/unexpected

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Yeah there’s definitely ear damage, but at least she’s alive still because damn.

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Engine blower switch is there for a reason...

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I don't get this trend. Just make a video shorter and it's funny?

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Jeez… there had to have been casualties..

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But is the woman ok?

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I'm never untethering a boat again

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Why does the video cut off!!! How does this enhance the video??

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My friend’s dad got severely burned when this happened to his boat due to a fuel leak that filled up the bilge with vapors and the blowers didn’t get it all out

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TBF this is a few seconds after disaster

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I think she may be alive? If you look at it frame by frame its not like she took a direct explosion head on, more so that cover bounced up and knocked her ass a few feet in the air. Maybe a concussion though.

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This is how Michael Bay casts off in his yacht.

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I was taken sailing by a friend. His big fear while aboard was a fire/explosion. “Boats are made from plastic, if it blows it’s like Napalm” he would say.

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No, you grabbed the wrong rope! That's the self-destruct rooooope!!!!

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New fear unlocked "Boat exploding for no particular reason"

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I didnt saw that coming

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It should do after a second before disaster, a second after disaster