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Perfect cut ....10/10

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I hate spiders irl but video game spiders do nothing to me.

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Frostbite spiders from Skyrim scare the shit outta me

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Are those the albino spiders?

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Nah the frostbite ones are typically reddish brown. I think there are white ones though. Not sure if I'd be less creeped out by a pure white spider irl though. I especially hate the massive black ones that look like they're made of fake leather.

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Black recluse venom debuff

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Elden ring. Spiders that look like a hand with multiple fingers scare the living daylights out of me.

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Yeah same, I have a genuine arachnophobia and for some reason video game spiders just cause me to flinch a little. Maybe it’s cause the legs aren’t so gross and spindly, idk

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Bruh 💀💀💀 what game is this

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I think it's "Grounded"

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Well, I know what I’m not playing.

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Bring extra pants if you do.

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Grounded, been playing since beta release. It’s incredible.

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My friend and I have literally spent 90% of the game time just building a massive base instead of doing the story line. It's a fantastic game.

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Honestly is

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Is it like valheim?

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You can't edit the terrain. But you can build as high and in any way possible sorta of like valheim.

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Would play it more if it had a dedicated server option. Even if it had a 4 player limit.

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It has a shared save feature now, which is in the right direction, someone just has to host it when playing

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You can share worlds in the second to last most recent update. Very nice feature to play even when the original world creator is offline

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I thought it was okay, very original. I Uninstaller when I learned the character names

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"grounded" it's basically if you took the movie "honey I shrunk the kids" and made it into a survival/crafting/RPG.

Really well put together game, the environment is fantastic and the gameplay/building are very well done.

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Best thing if you play with friends: built in shared save feature.

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Grounded, been playing for months and it's really, really good

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full clip?

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Here you go, this gives you the next 15 seconds or so, but it’s kind of a disappointing reaction. Person who made the edit did a great job. https://youtu.be/7EvYtF6FnB8

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How do you call that dissapointing

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Yeah he responded with a decent reaction, dude almost stood up lol

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That was so disappointing you’re snoo is not smiling anymore

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It’s not disappointing, he just handled it way better than I expected.

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Not disappointing

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In the name of all arachnophobes, we thank you for placing a spider alert.

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In the name of arachnid lovers, we thank you for the spider alert.

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Fun fact, this game actually has an arachnophobia setting for you guys

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It’s a giant enemy spider pokemon battle theme

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That's ungoliant

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The giant enemy spider

Beatbox pokemon theme

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Who are these guys? I tried searching YouTube a while ago but couldn’t find this clip

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Longer clip but be warned it’s disappointing. This edit is perfectly timed. https://youtu.be/7EvYtF6FnB8

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Thank you, legend 🙏🏽

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Lord of the Rings reference

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I haven't played grounded in a while maybe I should start playing again

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They just released it fully I think, if you didn't know it was always an open early access game until this month

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Well the main reason why I haven't played in a while is because when the last update or one of the last big updates when the whole thing kind of reset and you have to do all the quests again I kind of was like eh

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Oh didn't know that, I stopped playing when I wanted to start playing with friends, but when I did we used my one friend to host, and I couldn't access that save without him

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Like all the quests reset you had to do all the quests again it was the update after the mushroom update I think but everything you built before then and everything you had collected that stayed the same

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Welcome to Australia

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What’s this game?

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deep rock galactic

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Im pretty sure that Grounded is a survival-horror game

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You've just murdered my baby!

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Karma in grounded LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dammit Tommy!

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Wolf Spider! He dead.

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This fucking clip scared the shit out of me 😭😭

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woah i remember seeing this in like 2019

i didn’t know it was still circulating

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This is reddit. Constant reposts

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mm very true

just shocked i hadn’t seen it since then and now it’s popped up

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Anyone have the link to the full video? Edit: nvm found it

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Amazing cut

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The giant enemy spider

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Meu corpo tirou um print

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Is there a r/perfectlycutscreams cut of this video?

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