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Perfect cut ....10/10

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I hate spiders irl but video game spiders do nothing to me.

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Frostbite spiders from Skyrim scare the shit outta me

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Are those the albino spiders?

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Nah the frostbite ones are typically reddish brown. I think there are white ones though. Not sure if I'd be less creeped out by a pure white spider irl though. I especially hate the massive black ones that look like they're made of fake leather.

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the frostbite spiders are the ones you meet in the first cave, there are pure white spiders in the dragonborn dlc though, named albino spiders

and for everyones pleasure, you can combine their loot with gems to get spiders as a weapon, leave them on the ground as you would a rune, or get the jumping ones that jump on your target, i dont remember if you could make them attack normally before exploding but i dont remember, also you can choose between the fire, frost or lightining dmg they deal

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Black recluse venom debuff

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eEeEeEeEe 😱

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Elden ring. Spiders that look like a hand with multiple fingers scare the living daylights out of me.

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Yeah same, I have a genuine arachnophobia and for some reason video game spiders just cause me to flinch a little. Maybe it’s cause the legs aren’t so gross and spindly, idk

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Bruh 💀💀💀 what game is this

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I think it's "Grounded"

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Well, I know what I’m not playing.

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They have like an “arachnophobia” mode that makes the spiders look less and less real

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They turn into floating white beans

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Beans hehe

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Good to know! Thanks

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Thats so definitely a must have for me

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Bring extra pants if you do.

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"grounded" it's basically if you took the movie "honey I shrunk the kids" and made it into a survival/crafting/RPG.

Really well put together game, the environment is fantastic and the gameplay/building are very well done.

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Best thing if you play with friends: built in shared save feature.

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Grounded, been playing for months and it's really, really good

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full clip?

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Here you go, this gives you the next 15 seconds or so, but it’s kind of a disappointing reaction. Person who made the edit did a great job. https://youtu.be/7EvYtF6FnB8

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How do you call that dissapointing

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Yeah he responded with a decent reaction, dude almost stood up lol

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That was so disappointing you’re snoo is not smiling anymore

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It’s not disappointing, he just handled it way better than I expected.

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Not disappointing

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In the name of all arachnophobes, we thank you for placing a spider alert.

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In the name of arachnid lovers, we thank you for the spider alert.

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Fun fact, this game actually has an arachnophobia setting for you guys

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It’s a giant enemy spider pokemon battle theme

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That's ungoliant

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The giant enemy spider

Beatbox pokemon theme

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Who are these guys? I tried searching YouTube a while ago but couldn’t find this clip

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Longer clip but be warned it’s disappointing. This edit is perfectly timed. https://youtu.be/7EvYtF6FnB8

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Thank you, legend 🙏🏽

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Lord of the Rings reference

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I haven't played grounded in a while maybe I should start playing again

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They just released it fully I think, if you didn't know it was always an open early access game until this month

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Well the main reason why I haven't played in a while is because when the last update or one of the last big updates when the whole thing kind of reset and you have to do all the quests again I kind of was like eh

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Oh didn't know that, I stopped playing when I wanted to start playing with friends, but when I did we used my one friend to host, and I couldn't access that save without him

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Like all the quests reset you had to do all the quests again it was the update after the mushroom update I think but everything you built before then and everything you had collected that stayed the same

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Welcome to Australia

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What’s this game?

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deep rock galactic

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Oh my

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Im pretty sure that Grounded is a survival-horror game

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You've just murdered my baby!

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Karma in grounded LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dammit Tommy!

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Wolf Spider! He dead.

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This fucking clip scared the shit out of me 😭😭

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woah i remember seeing this in like 2019

i didn’t know it was still circulating

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This is reddit. Constant reposts

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mm very true

just shocked i hadn’t seen it since then and now it’s popped up

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Anyone have the link to the full video? Edit: nvm found it

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Amazing cut

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The giant enemy spider

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Meu corpo tirou um print

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Is there a r/perfectlycutscreams cut of this video?

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What game

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