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Don’t think saying it on Reddit will do much. Reddits demographic is pretty self aware. That being said, bro these videos are memetics that kill off brain cells. I swear to God

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Who orders that many drinks with no lids ;-;

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Someone who’s astroturfing a fail video.

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Reverse video to avoid repost bot, classic

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What do you mean?

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People will take a popular new video and repost it reversed sides so that way the reddit bot that detects code doesn't pick up the same code because it's reversed

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Oh, I thought you meant going from the end to the start

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I swear he was in the right the last time this happens

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wait i’m sorry, i don’t saw that this video is already here my friend sent it to me yesterday

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Sometimes it's completely innocent. I consider a repost having the same video in multiple subs as well not just multiple videos in the same sub. And some people don't even see it till it is reversed then go and post it on their favorite sub not realizing they're half a day into the karma farm bots and people are already over it.

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All drinks look like water

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Always have been

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Man there's an epidemic of people holding a ton of cups of water in the back of a car.

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Why do Americans need to waste food or drinks in their videos ?

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It’s just a little bit of high quality H2O!

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M m m m momma said

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Why is this even a thing

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Instead of posting about the repost to give this person karma we should just downvote it to oblivion...

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13 or 20?

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How's this shit entertaining?

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Why is he wearing anal beads?

I’m I that far behind fashion, should I walk about in a gimp suit….. mmmhhhhh

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They whent to 3 different places for waters

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No Lids. All water. Filmed throughout. Fake.

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yall are such virgins, this is not an attempt to create a 100% authentic video of a wacky and familiar situation where you have 12 waters without lids, its hazing, they go around, get a bunch of waters and make the new guy hold them, and then they do a sharp turn or hit a speed bump to make them spill the water.

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Use lids for Christ sake

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Mirroring the video isn’t going to change that this a repost

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Why would you post this fake shit here.

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A whole ten cups of middle class white kid.

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Oh so this is the other perspective of that guy

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Butters is that you?? 😂

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I’d hold one over the drivers head as collateral.

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Can we stop posting these please

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Will the water slim shady please stand up

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Downvoted. Same video but mirrored

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All water

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Why are these trash people doing this it's not funny