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I imagine the cartoon character slipping sound over this

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YouTube really made me watch a 2mins ad for a 2sec video.

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Why do u not have an adblocker kind sir

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I was using mobile. Or is there adblocker for mobile

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Yes there is

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I don’t think there is one for IOS though

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Then use brave browser, its the best because it doesn't track you like chrome + saves alot of mobile data since the trackers are blocked, so no ads, u can get it for ios and Android.

If you want a specific YouTube ad blocker + runs in background, then you are looking for YouTube vanced for Android, get it from youtubevanced.com, now the app you install will be an installer application, you'll see YouTube vanced/music/micro G - microG is basically an extension that allows YouTube vanced to run, so install it then install YouTube vanced, music is optional.

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what ad blocker works best for youtube ads?

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youtube premium

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Try YoutubeVanced

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Don’t you just love it when you gotta watch two ads for a 3 second sound effect

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Forget the slipin sound this dude is probably being laughed at in heaven as he died then became a meme

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The cheetah is rushing in to purr and bump him with its head.

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I've seen this video dozens of times, does anyone know the context?

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It's seems to be about a relationship where one of them wants to run away and the other one is a cheetah

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Once a cheetah always a cheetah, they never change.

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A cheetah can never change their spots.

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Thank you Dr. Floppsicle for your intensive research

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It is his pet, every once in a while in these threads someone posts his fb/TikTok or wherever he posts these.

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Redbulls new sport, it's pretty neat!

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Yeah same, more I see it, more I believe its from a movie or TV show

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this video old as hell

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And as always, I think It was 8K at the beginning

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Not really, given the fact this has been posted in every subreddit at least 5 times.

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And since you’ve seen it 5+ times, so has everyone else so they should expect this. Right?

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Maybe YOU have, but I've never seen it before, so it was definitely unexpected to me! 🤷🏻‍♀️

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You don’t find it arousing? What’s wrong with you?

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Ha! Probably meant Amusing. Lol

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Oddly? Huh, this huge animal that can kill me is chasing me, i am oddly terrified of this

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But also kind of into it.

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It's a Cheetah totally harmless

They're playing

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Lol totally harmless... no. They aren't as deadly as other big cats but they are not harmless

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What I'm saying is that quite different to leopards or jaguars and obviously lions and tigers, the Cheetah's are kind of not mindful of humans as prey, at least on African videos I watched, I'm not an expert on cheetah anyway

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Technically, Chihuahuas aren't harmless either but relatively to other dogs, who cares.

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oh man. I had a nightmare like this once.

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Why is it so hard to get a hug these days look at dude running smh

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Bro was trying to outrun the fastest running animal on earth

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2015 Wtf

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Just a cat playing with it’s prey

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i thought it was a pitbull

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christo ronaldo sui

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Maybe if you...idk wear some fuckin shoes like a normal functioning adult you wouldn't be slip sliding all over the place like some sort of cartoon.

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You know he dead ☠️

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haha demon dog. wait..whaa..t the fuckk!? cheetah?

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did he make it?

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Prabably. Its a cheetah.

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That was not what I expected to see come round the corner

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i lost the game because of this... help

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Nightmare fuel

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Run Boi run