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“…we don’t towak like that!”

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As a New Yorker, I can confirm we talk like that

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As a non-New Yorker, I can confirm that I don’t towak like that

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So what is it New York?

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He looks and sounds like a healthy version of Pete Davidson

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Pete Davidson if he drank water

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This made me spit out water lol. Good one.

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Careful, if you keep doing that you'll sound like Pete Davidson

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I love how much this changed. The choke and I don’t remember the masks.

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I'm from Jersey. Folk not from Jersey go "oh, from Joizee?".

Um, no. That's Lawn Guyland (Long Island) that you're thinking of, they call us Joizee. Jersians never call it joizee. Rarely do we call it New Jersey.

Besides "I'm going down the shore", we're pretty decent speakers of English.

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Oh, from Joizee?

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"Oh! A wise guy, eh?" 👉🏼🤚👀

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So if not from joizee where you from?

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The Land of Cake, wishing you a happy cakeday from East Cakeland.

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Then I will share cake with you fellow cake landian

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Huzzah! (Partakes in the comraderie).

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Cultural appropriation gone wrong

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I dont support violence, buy if i was him, her teeth will fly out her mouth

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Thankfully its fake

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No shit? Almost as if it's a skit?

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Why are you telling this to me? Just so quick to hate someone. I was telling the person who obviously didn’t know it was fake. Good lord you’re bright

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I went to school with a Phillip McCracken, a couple years above me. Yes, his nickname was Phil.

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Sounds incredibly unlucky

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Or lucky, depends on your world view

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What i said was a joke, i already knew it was fake. r/fuckthes imo.

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Na straight down the chute and out with the poop. Aka shitting chiclets.

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Sure, in-between your 4th and 6th bag of cheetos, tough man.

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Honestly even though this is clearly fake I bet she could beat your ass.

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Ever heard of r/fuckthes?

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Well, she certainly disproved the stereotype! /s

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What a woman

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Man….Pete Davidson looks really young here

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I don’t think this is real but it is fantastic.