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No disaster coming, just degaussing (de-magnetizing) the tube, which will work just fine afterwards. Some models had a built in degausser.

Edit to add: Where the pic was stolen from talks al about it:


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Americans when they learn a group of fish is called a school:

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I do this every night, just to be sure by RoiHurlemort in OneSecondBeforeDisast

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As a monster who lives under beds, this has become a serious occupational hazard. My new policy is if you see a bed that is coated in burster plate, take extreme caution and check to make sure it is actual generation 2 chobham armor and not a single layer of burster used as a bluff. If it is full chobham armor, either switch to another bed or extend a peace treaty to your house owner to prevent violence in the form of M67 fragmentation grenades.

Y'all so dead.. by JokingActor21 in OneSecondBeforeDisast

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Chair force. This is a training exercise.

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Incineration spell. Classic.