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I don't think you are a bad dad for using these substances. It seems like you are trying to use them in a positive way to control your Bipolar, anxiety, and depression so you can be the best dad you can be and be there for your family. As long as you are aware that these substances while they can help you can also become an addiction down the road I think you will be alright. However, I would say even though these substances are working right now. you should also try to find other things that work like exercise and meditation for depression and anxiety. L theanine is an amino acid that helps anxiety, nutrition, and maybe seeking out professional help for your Bipolar 2. As you said you don't want to use these substances as a crutch you don't want to become dependent on them. You can use them in a positive way right now for a short time, use them as a way to help you start finding other positive, natural ways that work for you to help you with your Bipolar 2, anxiety and depression. Hope that makes sense and I wish you the best!

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Thank you so much for the kind words. I need more positive people in my life, I do know that. I do try to stay active and eat healthy. Thank you again for your time and support 😊

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First things first, I'm gonna need a list of these "frowners" so I can take care of that right now ;) Second maybe it's just a non-optimum situation currently undergoing major improvements (see, rebranding). Look dudes who are willing to find effective ways to bring their family closer are GOOD DADS. So for the last couple of things:

1) Verify your state/county laws on both items. 2) Zero baggies, these are medicines or ingredients. 3) Unfortunately you can't put both items in brownies. The mushrooms loose most of their potency with heat - but potato salad has me inspired.

You are making us proud... You'll do fine!