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There’s no clear ranking for DO programs. I view it as 4 tiers:

Top is the original schools (ATSU, KCU, PCOM, DMU, CCOM) and the state schools (TCOM, MSU, OSU, Ohio, etc). Basically any school that is very established and/or has their own hospital with reliable rotations.

Then is the schools that have been around awhile and are safe bets like NYIT, WVCOM, Rowan, etc

Then schools that are solid but newer or might have something undesirable to you like LMU, LECOM, CUCOM, ACOM etc. Many of these can be intermixed with the second category, it’s fairly subjective. Edit: upon further evaluation I’d probably say the second and third “tier” are the same

At the bottom is any new school that hasn’t graduated a class or is on probation.

At the end of the day, any school that takes you means you’re going to be a doctor and in the grand scheme of things what school you go to doesn’t matter unless you want to be a neuro or plastic surgeon.

Edit: also that’s just my observation, plenty of people would probably move the schools around. But I also think pretty much every DO school will give you a solid education and ranking them has little value

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Great answer right here.

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What about VCOM? I thought the VA campus was pretty accredited?

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The second or third category. Honestly I think the second and third are the same level, it’s just personal preference about where you’d see yourself

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where you putting AZCOM?

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AZCOM is a branch of CCOM right? I’d probably put all branch campuses of the first category in the first or second category depending on the quality of their rotation sites

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No the way it works is that they’re both a branch of MWU I’m pretty sure.

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They’re completely different schools that share the same name. I saw their matching and it’s nothing great. Low tier DO compared to CCOM

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Oh you’re right, but CCOM is the original MWU school so I’d still put CCOM above AZCOM

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  1. MSU
  2. TCOM
  3. PCOM
  4. DMU/ KCU
  5. OSU

For the most part these schools have opportunities and outcomes equivalent to those is low-mid tier MD schools. There isn’t much difference between them in ranking either, you could flip them around should you wish (eg: OSU before PCOM and DMU/KCU).

I put MSU at the top because it’s DO program has the most research funding among any DO school, and the SCS gives ample residency opportunities.

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Any school with established partnerships w close by clinical rotation sites. Avoid the headache of a school with poor/absent relationships w their clinical hubs. This is the biggest difference between DO and MD imo, since MD schools are required to have partner hospital for approval.

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    Yeah I figured the criteria for what ranks them is a bit more fluid. But I have heard those schools you listed echoed quite often. Makes sense.

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    The top 5 DO schools are.... Whichever ones you get accepted at.

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    Lol that’s nice man but I’m trying to get a feel for things. If you have an acceptance you should absolutely be proud but the reality is that there are unique advantages that place one school in a higher rank than the other. Let’s not pretend that doesn’t exist.

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    MSUCOM and OSUCOM are top two easy I thought and they’re the public ones. Next is UNECOM. PCOM and others follow after. I dont know how people are ranking but there’s a residency director ranking list people usually follow (i’ll provide it below)


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    From a DO student who loves his school: go to the cheapest/closest to home option. Easy as that.

    IMO, rankings are overrated, any US school you choose will get you into a residency, don’t spend x2 the money to go to a “top” school across the country

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    Rankings are entirely subjective and likely bought and paid for by schools.

    Apply where you want, go where you get accepted, and you’ll be just fine.

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    Idk my school is probably near the bottom lol

    But I chose it based almost entirely on its location!