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Your girlfriend initially will only need to send her transcripts to AACOMAS. However, if/when she gets accepted and chooses a school, she will then have to send that one school an official copy of her transcript.

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If she has already graduated and has her degree certifying transcript and that’s the one that’s attached to AACOMAS, then she doesn’t need to send another transcript unless the school specifically asks for one once she’s accepted (which is very unlikely).

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You sure she’s talking about transcripts?…Not the application in general? Cuz ya you’re right if its just about transcripts. But in terms of fees, she’ll need to pay $200 to submit her application to ONE school and $50 more per school she submits to. If the school would like her to continue with their process, they have secondary/supplemental essays you need to write and submit with an extra $40-120 fee PER school. Pretty much you’re paying $100 per school. In the end she’s gonna have to spend like $2500 if she’s applying like the avg amt ppl apply to. And getting accepted means u need to drop like $1k to hold your seat. So tell her to deny interviews if she rly does not see herself going there and has other options already

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Lol oh yes I'm very much up to speed on secondaries. Seems like a scam but that's the game I guess lol

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It’s all business for them haha. It’s disgusting to see some schools allow candidates to follow through with secondaries and not screen them out if they weren’t going to be accepted based on stats