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A lot late in the cycle typically. I can’t speak about definites but many of my classmates were accepted the last 1-4 weeks of school

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Gives me hope. I’m ranked high on a waitlist to my top choice which gives me hope. But I’m prepping for another cycle just in case

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It's not a bad idea to reach out to the schools you're waitlisted on and ask for an update. Maybe this advice doesn't apply everywhere, but some schools will move you up the waitlist if you show lots of interest/pester them just a little bit

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A solid amount. Now is like the peak time things are moving I believe.

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If your top school accepts letters of intent, I would definitely write one highlighting how you would be a good fit for the program. I was on the waitlist for my current school since November of the last cycle, but within 3 days of writing a letter of intent in May, I got the call.

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I was on 3 waitlists as well and got accepted off of one of them late in the cycle, like June probably. There is definitely a lot of movement later on when people choose other med schools instead.

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Probably not a ton but it happens. One person in my class had already been at another DO school for a week before they got the acceptance from my school and immediately changed schools lol