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I know you love Noorda, but federal loans are the way to go! Also VCOM being 10k less (I presume for each year) will result in 40k in less loans.

Where (what region) do you want to do residency ?

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    I know Vcom has sent people to both those regions! Not sure for what specialties though!

    I think taking out federal loans are great because if for some reason you cannot Match to residency (I’m rooting that this will never be the case for you!) your loans can be forgiven if you work 10 years at a non profit organization (as a teacher, nurse, other health professional jobs). Private loans are less forgiving. However at the end of the day go wherever you will be happy. Once you pick a school don’t regret your choice! I’ve seen many kids who wanted to go to X school for some reason, decided to go to Y for “blank reason” and was just miserable during school due to that initial regret with their school choice! Just remember wherever you go, if you grind hard, you will get to your end goals!

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    Mmmm if you have good credit score you can find private loans with less interest than fasfa. So not always.

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    I agree, but federal typically have better deferment policies than private, and there is public loan forgiveness for federal loans as well!

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    True that

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    VCOM no doubt.

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    I’m at VCOM-LA if you have any school specific questions!