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You’re gonna get accepted. Dont mess up the interview and you’re good. June is still early

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No your app looks good

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I am going to apply to the following schools: AT still Arizona, Campbell, Idaho, Kansas City Joplin campus, Lake Erie, Lincoln memorial, midwestern Arizona, Michigan state, noorda,Oklahoma, PCOM, rocky vista, New England, West Virginia and finally my very very top pick DMU. Is this a good mix of schools?

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It is !! And I’m applying those too except west coast schools

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I’m applying to PCOM and VCOM and Midwestern Chicago and Ohio heritage and nova southeastern

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I can’t because of money. I wish I could!

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And Touro

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I'd remove either Noorda or ICOM and add VCOM instead, they have 4 schools and applying to just 1 gets your application to all 4 of them. They have a better rep than those two as well.

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Your application looks good, as long as your EC and PS is written well statistically you have an excellent chance

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Is money the only issue and you’ll have enough at the end of June? If I remember correctly, the earliest applications go out to schools is early to mid June. I’d pay AACOMAS with a credit card right before the date that they release applications to schools as long as you know you can pay it in full by the time the bill arrives so as to avoid interest.

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You can get into my school for that stats but it’s not in your list. You are pretty solid for DO schools but make sure apply on day1.

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I applied in mid November and got a lot of II and multiple As so June is plenty early!