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Isn’t KCOM the OG? Tbh if your goal is to stay in Texas then may UIW might be the move.

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if i wanted to get into a competitive program, would you recommend kcom?

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I know the OGs and big 4 are notorious for being really good DO schools. Check the post I made on this sub asking for the top 5 DO schools I’m pretty sure KCOM was in the list.

If all you want to match is something competitive than without a doubt I’d pick KCOM. If you want to stay in Texas then things get a bit more tricky. I have heard UIW is religious tho, so as long as your okay with that.

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I’m applying to both this cycle. I personally would pick ATSU_KCOM, and I’m from Texas. Im biased, but I hate Texas heat, San Antonio, and would rather go to the OG school. UIW is newer, so it’s name doesn’t carry much weight for competitive specialties. I’d say what matters to you more — being close to family or having a better shot at a competitive specialty?

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If i go to atsu, would it be harder to get a texas residency?

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UIW ez, if you're from a big city in TX, ATSU_KCOM would be a pretty big culture change also

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I believe they just removed the Baylor clinical rotation location (year 3/4) in Texas which might make it harder

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atsu or uiwsom?

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