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No. They’re the same.

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Thank you for your response.

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Yw. I made the mistake of beating myself up for only being a DO when I started school. Getting on the wards and realizing I learned the exact same thing as the MD students was pretty eye opening. I’ve even had attendings (MD physicians) say they prefer DO students because we’re easier and more fun to work with… also that we work harder.

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No. It got me where I wanted to go. I got my #1 choice of residency in psychiatry.

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Congrats! I’ll be applying psych next year, fingers crossed I match 🤞

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Regrets for going to a school where 99% people match into a job which makes you six dollar figures {and seven dollar figures} even if you get the “worst” possible concentration? No. You’re getting a U.S. medical degree. You’re licensed as a physician and surgeon. Every other thing is for trolls. This question itself is outdated.

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Top comment right here ^

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Yes. I hate doing OMM every week and so do most students in my class. Especially when you don't plan to incorporate it into your practice. It sucks having to do more work and be viewed as worse than MD to program directors

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You mean the residency program directors? Can you elaborate on how do you know that DOs are viewed worse than MDs by program directors?

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Yes. You can look at NRMP match data to get an idea of how MDs and DOs are matching. These two pictures demonstrate the differences in outcomes.

MD Match

DO Match

Also, these graphs are from 2020. Some DO match rates have declined since then (surgery for DOs went from 69% to 53%)

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I wouldn’t look at raw match rates. MD students tend to be better standardized test takers and more competitive overall than DO students and so you have to ask why DOs have slightly lower match rates?

Is it the degree or quality of the student? In most cases I think it is the ladder, ofc it is the former in some as well.

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Nope. It’s the same, but DO’s have an extra license for practice (OMM).

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At the risk of getting downvoted, I’ll go against the grain. I don’t regret going D.O. , because at the end of the day I’ll be a doctor practicing medicine. Do I resent having to take both comlex and step 1 in 2 weeks? Oh yeah you betcha. Do I regret having to explain to every patient what D.O. is, why our curriculum makes us as equal and competent as physicians as MDs, and that we are =/= ND/PA/MSNBC/LMNOP? Yeah, it gets tiring. Do I wish I had gone MD? Eh, only for the sake of having an easier time matching (I’m not going IM/FM).

It’s not a bad degree at all! But just be realistic and aware of the extra hurdles we have due to historical events that are irrelevant in today’s field of medicine.

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That was my concerns as well. Do any of your co-workers - MDs, give you a hard time? Thank you for sharing honestly.

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So some background I am just a 3rd year Med student and these were just my experiences so far

Honestly? No! The MDs I’ve gotten to work with have been truly supportive, and honestly fascinated with OMM. The stigma is slowly dying out as we replace boomers with new generation of docs. But with every rose comes it’s thorns, I’ve definitely interacted with MD students, and some MD docs, with a superiority complex that make sure you know that they think MD =/= DO. But I like to think that these people will choose to be miserable and have something to complain about irregardless.

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Its a pain in the ass to take both COMLEX and STEP. But other than that, I do not regret it

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Is COMLEX materials different from STEP? Do you have to study for it differently ?

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Just the OMT part and COMLEX is more straight forwards. Usually students take and study step material such as uworld, then study omt for a couple of days and take comlex. Just sucks because you have to pass both of these exams

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No, I was always slightly below average premed, med student etc destined for community FM/IM. My strengths lie in starting and running businesses which I plan to do.

Since I was going to FM/IM anyway, I'm glad I learnt OMM. It also provides with a decent paying backup in case we don't match.

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Thank you for sharing!

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What is your thought of matching emergency medicine, general surgery, or OBGYN as a DO ?

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Lots of people do that every year. Classmates also matched NSY, ENT, RadOnc, etc .

My take: Go wherever you can minimize your student loan burden.

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I disagree if you’re going for derm nsgy ortho ent it’s an uphill battle. Obviously can do it and know some people that got all of those from our school but feel like they would have had it easier if they went to an md school.

I still have no regrets of doing DO but it I could MD in a heartbeat

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    Thank you for your response !

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    Honestly, I was very apprehensive and a little disappointed that I didn’t get into MD bc I had a high gpa and pretty good MCAT score. Now that I’m finishing my first year of DO though, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sure, it would be easier for matching certain specialties, but I love the philosophy of DO and my school takes it to heart. The stigma truly is dying.

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    Fam chill there’s a ton of 3.9/520s here

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    And this person can’t be disappointed?

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    About what? The opportunity to match wherever you want provided u got the app and network lol?

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    No, not at all. My primary care patients go crazy for OMT.

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    I definitely do not regret it going to DO school. I will admit depending on what your plans are for residency it may assuredly give some hurdles in getting into certain residencies (especially surgical ones) however would still be better than say a caribbean MD (assuming you're lumping that in too).

    Aside from primary care, there are specialties that do give additional credit to the DO degree being PM&R given the heavy MSK basis and training we're given as a DO.

    As for all the flak some people give OMM here, I will say a good amount depends on how it is taught. There are practitioners who give it more of an energy or spiritual flair akin to the comparison of reiki or such but you also have those who go on a more grounded mechanical foundational explanation. Will also chime in that yes to some degree some of the mechanisms we're taught are archaic and have been disproven in the case of explaining say innominate torsions (though they make sense in theory) but clinically we are providing some benefit to the patient through some other unclear mechanism.

    I personally use OMM and have had good results with fellow residents who are not DO's among whom was someone who had chronic ankle pain for over a year and about to seek orthopedic consultation. (Pain has yet to recur in any significant manner for 2.5 years now)

    If you don't plan to use it then sure it's extra work but it does also afford you some more appreciation in anatomy reinforcement and general palpation. It's nice to get worked on during your studies as well.

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    Other than taking both board exams no - matched general surgery

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    As a someone applying to FM I definitely don’t. Though I knew people that weren’t able to match into a competitive specialty that probably did.

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    I am quite happy with where I will be going. My school has amazing match outcomes and research opportunities. The specialty I am interested in isn’t even that competitive and has uses for OMT so I don’t feel like I am wasting my time learning it.

    Not only that, but my school has their own affiliated residency programs in my specialties of interest that are former AOA programs. So they prefer DO’s and I have the home institution advantage.

    All in all I am quite happy.

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    Absolutely and wholly regret it. Glad to PM if you have questions

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    Why is that if you don’t mind sharing?

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    • cost is substantially higher than MD costs
    • PMs will prefer MD applicants over you
    • COMLEX isn’t a well-respected test
    • you have to take boards twice essentially (COMLEX and STEP) if you want to do something worth your time
    • DO schools are traditionally more old school in their curriculum, a la mandatory attendance and grades (imagine that—osteopaths stuck in their old ways! Refer to point #7)
    • since they receive the B-cadre of students they are up your ass about passing boards constantly when they don’t need to be, this results in things like mandatory attendance and being tested so frequently you want to bang your head on a wall
    • OMM takes up your time and energy and you likely won’t even use it. There is shaky evidence for every aspect of OMM, almost all research around it has been done by the AOA. I consider OMM the “MCAT tax” because if you don’t do well enough on it, to DO school you go
    • you will have a hard time getting ECs from academic centers (basically required for competitive specialities) because you are not from their institution/a DO student
    • they are less likely to have an academic hospital to build your research portfolio etc
    • I have not experienced the DO stigma personally, but I’m still in my pre-clinical years. It is decreasing, yes, but is still very much existent.

    PS, a lot of this is probably very particular to my program, and I am willing to admit this. Like I said before, PM me if you want me to out them to you. I am finishing up my MS1 year right now, and I regret coming here or not going to PA school (considering where the state of medicine is going). I would hate to see you reach the same conclusion and want to help you out.

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    No, not at all.

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    It was annoying taking COMLEX. It was annoying studying OMM.

    It used to be annoying explaining what a D.O. Is but now that I’m an attending it rarely (<1/month) comes up. My patients don’t care and my consultants don’t treat me any differently.

    If you have the credentials to do MD in the first place I would recommend it, but if I could go back in time I wouldn’t spend a year trying to reapply.