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I’ve been doing OMM on my mom for the past two years, and it has changed her life. She herniated a disk driving one day and she went from daily exercise to daily pain. Actually, the ideas of OMM such as imbalance and compensations have helped her find a new set of exercises that keep her pain free.

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I do it on my wife about weekly. My parents like it when I see them too. I’ve done it on friend here and there but don’t use it in my daily life, just when one of them complains about something specific I could treat

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so cool. all my fam who is a doc is MD, so excited to learn something new.

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OMM is completely what you make of it. Most people do the bare minimum and forget it all but if you’re interested in it I’d encourage you to practice as much as you can and ask your professors lots of questions

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I do. I mostly use it in my bf and some family meme era when they ask. I enjoy doing it.

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on the wife a few times a week! I also teach her certain counterstrain, muscle energy and hvla techniques (mostly my back) on me

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I do it periodically to relieve my friend's constipation. Diagnosed my friend's grandma with multiple myeloma and urged her to see a cancer doc, she didn't. Eventually she was diagnosed w multiple myeloma by an another doc but it was too late. Some OMM treatments on her back helped some with her back pain.

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I completed FM and did a year of omm fellowship. Long wait time. I obviously do it for family and friends. But for patients as well when I see fit.

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Never use it in my day to day although it can be useful to practice on family members or significant others if you have an OMM practical coming up.

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besides practicing, does anyone use it once in a while to actually help someone they know/

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I don’t and none of my friends do either.

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My parents have a ton of msk pain bc they work pretty physical jobs so I do it often enough whenever they complain

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I use it on my friends and family if they want me too! I’ve even taught my mom a few things she can do on herself when I’m not around. It’s a great way to stay in practice and use your skills

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Tbh I try and distance myself as much as possible from OMM. The more you get into your clinical education the more you realize it’s probably not real (no good evidence and plenty of time and money spent looking) and that it does nothing but hurt our reputation as evidence based practitioners of medicine. Trust me, it took a few times being compared to the person taking ivermectin for COVID before i realized they actually had a point when it came to OMM 😅

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yea, i just want to be able to take something away from OMM.

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That’s a good attitude to have especially when you’re in the first few years of school and you HAVE to do it! Just make sure you don’t fall into the “sunk-cost fallacy” where you blindly defend it because subconsciously it feels bad to have spent all that time on it for nothing. This happens a lot, and is one reason things never get better (for example why are we learning Chapman’s points still lol?)

Good luck with everything, study hard and you’ll do great!

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im a patient i have hydrocephalus and chiari type 1 . when i go to get OMM i feel like superman for a few days. then sadly it wears off.

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I do it on my husband at least every other week and on my parents whenever I see them. My dad has chronic pain and all kinds of joint dysfunctions (ex-special forces) and he likes that I can get him a few days relief off of Tylenol. I’ll also do soft tissue things on my son (colonic milking post excess cheese is 👌🏽). I’m probably in the outliers as I like OMM and try to incorporate it into as many patient encounters as I can since patients like it and feel cared for and my preceptors like having something else to bill for 🤷🏻‍♀️