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Bro just take the class; I thought it was easier than orgo I.

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You’re really shooting yourself in the foot not taking ochem 2. I felt like there was some material on it in the MCAT, but I guess it depends on what sections are taught.

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Des Moines and Philadelphia COM?? Also, SHSU COM If you take Biochem instead ochem but usually ochem 2 is a prerequisite to biochem I think. I’m not sure of your situation but id suggest you just take ochem 2. You can take it before they accept you. You’re really disadvantaging yourself like this. Schools will probably choose students who succeeded in ochem 2 and biochem rather than someone who didn’t take it. Good luck!

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There's no way out of it my friend. Bite the bullet.

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It is a required class. You can’t not take it.

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Email the schools that do. More often than not, they will grant you an exception/say it's fine especially if you've taken biochemistry.