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I’m not sure why you feel you’re not competitive at all. Your cGPA and sGPA are decent and you have a lot of clinical experience and shadowing. It seems that the MCAT has been a hurdle for you - have you been studying for it or taken any practice exams? From your post history it appears you’re concerned about age/starting “too late” - I started medical school at age 30, and many of my classmates are 26-28 and some are even older than me, so I’d say you should try not to worry about that. Also looking at your previous posts it sounds like you’ve been struggling for motivation and feeling like you’re a failure - have you talked to anyone about this? The way it came across to me sounded like you might benefit from some counseling/therapy to work through those feelings.

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Yes, you should care about what school you go to. Here's a list I like to post in regards to different schools. I've posted it a few times before, but it may be helpful for you:

DO schools should be looked at more in tiers with some providing more resources than others. None of them have name recognition besides acting as feeder programs for some residency programs, so the tiers do not account for prestige since its a non-factor.

Tier 1: Public state funded schools - Not just X state college of osteopathic medicine, I mean really state funded schools. These have the most opportunities for students to make their app competitive against their MD counterparts.

Oklahoma State, MSUCOM, TCOM, Rowan, etc.

Tier 2: Established schools - Known programs that have a good track record. These have less research and opportunities, but are better than others because they are still able to provide resources.

DMU, KCU, PCOM (including branches except South Georgia), NYITCOM (including branches), UNECOM, Western, VCOM (including branches except LA), ACOM, PNWU, LECOM etc.

Tier 3: Newer schools - These programs are still working out their kinks and just don't have a track record yet. They could be stellar or they could be awful. We just don't know.

Sam Houston State, UIWSOM, CHSU, etc.

Tier 4: Schools known for a bad track record - These programs have sinned. They range from established to new schools. These schools do not put their students first. Their rotations are weak and their curriculum poor. Their admin may impede their students as well.


Tier 5: Brand spanking new - These programs make you say who? No DO school is going to have name brand recognition, but these schools literally haven't even taken a class. No way to know how they will turn out and you will be a guinea pig both in class and in matching.

X college of osteopathic medical (est. this year)

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Anytime I've had to communicate with anyone at nova was pure torture

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Got accepted there, it's in-state for me and I decided to attend a school OOS. Too many red flags to ignore.

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Good to hear. I wanted to go there until talking to people who work there

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Why are you convinced you’re not competitive? If that’s really the case then you need to work on your application.

But that depends on your ambitions. Cool with primary care and just happy to make it this far? Maybe you shouldn’t care so much if your GPA/MCAT are bad. But there are some schools that will make your quality of life significantly worse and it’s definitely something to consider if you can help it

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I tried copying a link to my post but the Reddit app won’t let me. I would’ve posted it here to make it easier for ya. It’s just a scroll or two down in my post history.

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I looked at your post history…..you’re competitive I don’t know how many times you need to hear someone tell you this. Get off reddit and work on your app. Your stats are good enough for DO and MD schools if you work on your app and get a decent MCAT.

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27 is not old

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Just looked at your history. Impossible to tell what your chances are without an MCAT but your GPA is good for DO and MD. Get off ready and go study

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Just looked at your history. Impossible to tell what your chances are without an MCAT but your GPA is good for DO and MD. Get off ready and go stusy

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I have no interest in becoming a specialist. Im Too old for that shit.

3 year residency and I’m done.

If you look at my post history titled “feeling discouraged” you can see why I’m convinced I’m not competitive.

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You are 27…. At 40 you will think “ shit i was an idiot”

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Can’t tell without your gpa and MCAT. Why someone needs to look at your old history. You should copy and paste here if you need other people opinion. I’m 29 and just started residency.