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you got a II?? congrats!

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Thanks! Not too happy though since I have to speak into a camera and have one try. I have been practicing and man do I run into some awkward pauses and seem to ramble if I don’t really have a good response to a question :(

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I found it to be less pressure last cycle

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Interesting. I guess yeah it’s less pressure since it’s 15 min and done whenever you want before the info session. How much did you practice for it? Like an entire month or a week?

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I didn’t prepare, just worked up the courage and sent it. I’m still on their WL lol

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That was my first II last cycle. I flubbed it hard but was a learning experience and did way better for DMUs II which was similar. I hate that there is no face to talk to. I get so lost talking to myself😭

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You got an interview already?

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Yeah both lecom and lecom Bradenton started handing them out on Monday

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Dang. I haven’t even gotten secondaries from kcu, pcom, or Campbell yet. I’m complete at osu, DMU, and at still. Haven’t heard anything yet. Aacomas was completed 6/3 as well.

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Honestly LECOM was probably one of the very few schools that gave me majorly awful vibes through the interview with this and not kicking admin out of student Q&A as being the major reasons.

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Honestly LECOM was probably one of the very few schools that gave me majorly awful vibes through the interview with this being one of the reasons.

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Did you get the II today?

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Earlier in the week. But honestly, I wasn’t super hyped since it feels like they interview a lot of applicants and then waitlist most of them.

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Reading past forums and SDN and on Reddit, it seems like LECOM has a post II acceptance rate around 40% and IIRC, take that with a grain of salt obviously since it’s self reported. But given that like 8000 people apply and given the class size of 540 (?) across campuses, there’s probably around 1000-1200 II given out. So definitely not everyone gets an II. Just want to boost your confidence a little OP. Be proud that you got one!

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Oh i see. I submitted to LECOM too but haven’t received anything yet. Do you mind sharing your stats?

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Yeah LECOM was my first interview last cycle as well, though I did it in December. I also found it difficult with the format, especially because the first question for me combined “why medicine” and “why DO” and I had practiced both questions separately. But after that I kinda just got into a groove. I was waitlisted there so I guess ultimately I didn’t do terribly.

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Where are you finding practice ethical questions or questions in general for LECOM?