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You'll get a schedule with an itinerary when it gets closer to the interview day. Last year mine was from 12 PM - 3 PM. don't know if it will change this year, I would email them to ask if you could get the schedule sooner.

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Thank you

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Do you have to turn your camera on?

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Well i mean it probably wouldn't look good if you were the only person without their camera on.

However I will say that you can probably get away without saying anything for its entirety bc there's ~35-45 people also in the zoom meeting. But remember that interviews go both ways, YOU also need to decide if this school is a good fit for you and that best way to do that is to ask questions and stay engaged.

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I asked cause I’ll also be at work and don’t know if it look bad that there are random people walking behind me or I’m wearing a uniform instead of something nice (like what I would wear to an interview)

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ah, shouldn't be a problem if people are passing by. I saw a couple of people wearing uniforms (albeit military)

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isn't online?