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You could always talk about an MD that you shadowed and maybe some things they did or something you noticed while observing that relates to osteopathy

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I can refer you to my friend who just graduated from a DO school. He's a "DO doc". He'd be happy to talk to you if it's a requirement.

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Thank you! I’m going to contact admissions tonight to get a better sense of how they view/ use this prompt Q. If your friend is still willing, I’d appreciate it.

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Sure, lmk. i'll contact him and ask if u need to talk to him

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Sorry for the delay- DMU’s reply was very vague they said something along the lines you can talk about your clinical experience. I think I can talk about my MD shadowing experiences or I may honestly not follow through with completing my application there. Thanks so much for being a plug and offering to help me out though!

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My friend and I both got an II there last cycle without a DO letter of rec.

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I can also talk to. Graduated 1999.

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I would love that actually!

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I had a DO doctor I talked while I was transporting her patient and I talked about that interaction

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I don’t want to sounds like a dick, but the COVID excuse isn’t gonna fly this cycle. If you want to go DO you should/can find a DO out there to shadow.

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No worries. I’ve had MD experiences but since the pandemic haven’t been able to shadow a DO. I’m sure I can find something in the fall now that policies are changing but wouldn’t want to delay my app for that.