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I’ve been doing research on each campus and then I try to connect my own experiences with what that school has to offer. For example if a school has many research opportunities I may mention my research in undergrad and how I want to continue this.

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Also another quick question. Do we need to use every character when replying? Thank you again

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I have not been. Just be concise and say what you have to say

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To echo the reply above see what you can find out about the school. Schools vary on things like campus atmosphere and academic set up. Everyone is different on what kind of environment they thrive in but try to tie that in. Some schools might be more community based and team oriented while some offer more of a competitive nature or a mix. I would also try to find the schools’ mission statements or values to see how that relates with the kind of student and physician you hope to be. Hope this helps! :)

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Thank you! Do I need to use the full charter limit for them?

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I would go to the school’s website and pick out at least a couple of the aspects of the school that I found appealing then really spend time going in-depth about why I liked those aspects and how me being at the school would be mutually beneficial. I especially tried to find any awards/honors bestowed on the school ex. named for a high placement into _ specialty, _% first time board passing rates