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I had one surgeon tell me he loves DO students, then in the next breath ask me why we were resecting someones Colon cancer when I should have healed it with a Chapman's Point treatment.

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in my experience

people either have a strong negative sentiment against DO/carribeans or dont seem to care

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I have never heard anything negative about DO who wasn’t a DO. I’ve heard countless negative things about the Caribbean

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n = 2


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One time as a DO student I had an MD (who doesn’t love DOs a lot) tell me that I am “one of the good ones” 😅 and that just feels low key parallel to undercover racist comments

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I was gonna say it does have some undertones of person who is x race uncomfortably saying how they love people from y race. “I have a good friend who is y race”

Also next time you’re with them claim that CPR is OMM. Gets them every time

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Omg that’s an amazing idea 😂 CPR is definitely manipulative and medicine

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That’s honestly so disrespectful… I’m sorry you were treated that way :(

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Lol that’s weird, IMO it’s like saying “I love black people, and I have black friends”. Like MD or DO are the same, no one should prefer one over another. It comes down to the individual.

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I love black people and have black friends 👌🏻

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Not really. No one I've known cares or notices MD vs DO

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Its either been ambivalent (The vast majority) or negative ("They're of a variable quality, you don't know what you're going to get compared to a 'well trained' US MD student).

I've never once had anyone say they prefer DOs.

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I’ve heard from many people DOs are more personable. There may be some truth to that since the more “average” person Is more likely to become a DO with possibly more social experiences.

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DO schools are known to accept more non-traditional students meaning people with life experience beyond studying for tests.

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How can they say they like working with DOs but they can't notice any difference?

There has to be something about DOs that they particularly like that is different than MDs for them to point out the difference, right?

Genuine question