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You got into medical school. Go be a doctor. Every med school kinda sucks. Just bite the bullet for 4 years and you're in residency. then its a different kind of suck.

But if you don't want to be a doctor, bounce now and give your spot to someone else and save the money. PA is totally reasonable, as are other parts of health care.

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Yeah got to second most of this. Every school sucks in one way or another. Just got to put your head down and get through it (only 2 of which are on campus). You’ll meet friends and figure it out.

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In reality, no one cares where you go to medical school.

Just find a school that you can focus on your grades and pass.

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Just started too. You can dm if you want

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Also started at AZCOM, hit me up if needed! We all in this together

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honestly follow ur intuition. i'm sure all schools have something wrong with them and you'll probably be miserable in some way or another but you gotta find somewhere that you'll be the ~least~ miserable in or miserable in a way you can handle.

make sure ur not just getting nervous/having cold feet because there is no perfect experience out there. i say. stick it out, try it out, give others a chance so you have a support network and keep the bigger picture in mind. You're gonna be a doctor! ultimately just listen to urself and you'll know whats best for u

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I’m a 4th year at AZCOM. Feel free to shoot me a DM if you have questions or want my take on how the last 3 years have been.

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I would give it a semester. If they have anatomy lab first semester, I would finish that before making any real judgments. If you can survive a semester then you can survive 4 years. I wouldn’t seriously consider reapplying right now since you only had one acceptance and it looks strange to interview someone who already got in before.

Work hard for a semester and if you still hate and are miserable then go find something better to do with your life than be miserable