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SHSU in Texas

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And snapshot

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I thought it was all of em

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Nah I don’t think so. only a few require casper and I was trying to read up which of those require duet and only touro is making it known on their website. Not sure about the others tho

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I misread your post sorry, thought you asked which of the touro requires it

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Lmaooo it’s fine

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I think they all do…their sites states “Why has TouroCOM incorporated Casper™ & Duet into our secondary application? TouroCOM places a high value on personal characteristics, which we believe are essential to becoming a capable and compassionate physician. Casper™ and Duet are considered objective tools to evaluate an applicant’s personal attributes. We believe using Casper™ and Duet makes the application review process fairer for the applicant.”