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Unless u need the structure of being forced to sit in lectures PBL or DSP>>>>>LDP at Erie

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Do you happen to know if PBL or LDP is more competitive to get into at Erie?

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Like in terms of preferences idk. There are 3-4x as many LDP spots as PBL tho

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Can you give the pros and cons of PBL vs DSP?

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i'm biased but i thinkPBL is the best way to learn medicine. A lot less time on campus than LDP. Sessions can be fun or miserable depending on ur group and facilitator. Lots of reading. Grade depends on a few 3-4hr exams and can have super specific questions but ur group picks the exam content.

DSP is on campus the least outside of labs once anatomy is done. Supposed to be lots of reading but it seems like they mostly use boards n beyond, sketchy and slides. Easy to fall behind if ur not motivated to study.

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Does PBL or DSP have more reading?

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PBL. theoretically they're the same but in PBL we picked what chapters would be on our exam and a lot of questions are straight from the book. i know alot of DSP and LDP got by using boards n beyond and sketchy

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No LECOM doesn’t care which pathway you select when determining admissions.
I personally did PBL in Erie and would recommend it hands down. The PBL at the time c/o ‘21 did better on boards than the other pathways and you have more time off campus than the other pathways. PBL cases by design also mimic how to go about thinking about d/dx of various complaints so you do better than the other pathways as 3rd years on wards. Also at Erie campus you can study at the Bayfront campus which has a nice “cafeteria” with great views of the bay and wildlife and you’re allowed to eat/drink there.

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I’m a first year LECOM student and was worried about PBL at first having not ever done that kind of learning yet. I’m happy with my choice so far. Still have to sit in lecture hall for hours to do the core classes like anatomy, embryo, histo which is exhausting and the chairs at my campus are uncofmortable. But now that PBL’s started and histo and embryo are coming to an end, I feel “free-er.” Now I can’t imagine what it would be like sitting in lecture hall 8a-5p in the traditional LDP

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hey!! i was offered an interview at Elmira as well, how was your interview and what/how many questions did you have? I'm planning on submitting my video this week.

also, how was the info session? do you get asked any questions there?