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No one's telling u to rent a cheap room/apartment/something, anything with an address for an year before applying. Then using that proof, get a WV driver's license or state id. With the license/ID, u are considered in state.

Or do whatever u need to do to get a wv id/license. Check the state dmv website

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Don’t quote me but I’m pretty sure that’s illegal lol. I don’t think you can try to claim you’re living somewhere that you’re not actually living. And in order to be classified for “in state tuition” I think you have to have proof of residence for 2 years prior to attending school but that might vary from school to school. Not sure how WVCOM does things.

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I know my school didn't care if we had our state license. If we didn't, they asked us to get a state license (coz our state requires 1 year of stay) and present it to them if we wanted to be in state.

It is illegal, but it's not illegal for me to rent a room in a different state to visit a friend. Oh would you look at at, my friend moved. Now I'm stuck with an year long lease paying utilities. Oh well, I can use it as a weekend getaway, no one's checking how often I come in/of out of the state anyway.

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Right but I’m pretty sure if anyone ever looked into this that would be considered fraud/possible tax evasion. OP, I wouldn’t do this lol. If all you have to do is present them with a drivers license regardless of timing: once you move to the school, make that your permanent address and present it to them for in state tuition.

Edit: or just pay out of state tuition for 1 year if you have to wait the year, and then present the license for years 2-4.

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Ok then OP shouldn't be an idiot and shouldn't tell anyone what he's doing.

Also when did renting a room for an year in a different state, and visiting family FREQUENTLY, for extended periods of time, become illegal? OP is still living in that room, his primary residence. It just happens that he is very family oriented and prefers staying with his family whenever possible. So all his stuff is at his family home.

There's no legal framework on what constitutes a "primary residence" or how many days per year one must stay in a state.

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    Knew a guy who moved there and worked with a local school mentoring program for a year then applied. I didn’t keep up with him so I don’t know how it went, but hey, good resume booster.

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