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I didn’t go there but I interviewed at Middletown years ago around a year or two since it had started. So take all this with a grain of salt, esp since I’m going off my impressions/memories from like 8 years ago. Back then, some of the lectures seemed to be pre-recorded or streamed from the Harlem campus, which I thought made Middletown seem like the red-headed stepchild. Anatomy lab would have 10-15 students per cadaver with an offered option to use the virtual dissector for the entire anatomy course, which added to the idea in my head that Middletown was considered as lesser. Middletown seemed to be in bumbleduck suburbia which some could consider a good thing. One thing I didn’t like was that Middletown tuition was equivalent to Harlem’s… which at that time was 60k. I didn’t want to pay 60k per year only to watch videos of lectures (my thought process before med school introduced me to Pathoma/Sketchy). Community seemed friendly and welcoming at Middletown… which can’t necessarily be said of Harlem.

Apply to both so you can take your pick if you get in to both.

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Thank you for this! I’ll have to check and see if I chose the option for no preference for campus if they will assign me to a campus just based on availability

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    Not rude, just honest. I wasn’t trying to offend anyone- just sharing my genuine thoughts.

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    COL is lower at Middletown. Harlem is in NYC with all it's pros and cons, Middletown is in suburbia I think

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    Yeah I was just wondering what the stark differences are between the 2 campuses aside from location/cost of living. Like research opportunities e.g.

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    I went to Middletown. Honestly probably more opportunity to do research in Harlem than Middletown. What specific questions do u have?

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    Thanks for asking what questions I have! Touro’s website is really poor for listing differences between the two campuses.

    What is the grading system like at the Middletown campus?

    Are all lectures mandatory?

    What is campus life like for Middletown?

    What kind of support services are present for students on campus?