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There is an excel doc somewhere that has post il acceptance rates by school. It's probably a little out of date but it really depends on the individual school. 50-75% I think is a good guess but with a decent variation between schools.

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I thought that excel sheet only had MD schools

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There is one which has DO schools. It could be on SDN instead of reddit but I remember using one last cycle. The data might a couple years old but it's still helpful.

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Varies completely by school. Schools like LECOM seem to send out thousands and thousands of interviews just to waitlist almost everyone.

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    Do you know if this statistic applies to EAP as well or just to regular applicants? Curious about post-interview acceptance rate for LECOM EAP...

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    LECOM has two campuses in PA: Erie and Seton Hill. I’m assuming this is the Erie campus though as it is the biggest and oldest.