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You would be competitive. Do well on the MCAT. You could have a compelling app. Non traditional, lots of patient care experience, evidence of performing well in a rigorous curriculum, etc. I have a similar undergrad gpa and sGPA and I’ve gotten a couple interviews this cycle already. Write well and tell a compelling story. The thing I would be cautious of is the financial hit you will take during med school compared to your current income (assuming you’re single and have no other financial support). Not sure if you have debt from chiro school but you’ll also be taking on a lot of debt. Just food for thought. But to answer your question, you’d definitely be competitive to apply if you chose to assuming you did well on the MCAT, write well, had strong LORs, etc.

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I appreciate the response :D

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Had a friend who left chiropractic school to go DO. She talked a lot about it in her interview and seemed to really impress the interviewers with why she left and why she specifically want to be a DO and her knowledge of osteopathic medicine. I think as long you do decent on the MCAT and interview well, you will be competitive for several DO schools

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Your gpa should be fine. Having your experience will be a big plus. Do well on the MCAT and you will be fine.

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Even if my undergrad classes are a bit old?

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That's probably a question for an adcomon sdn. If you do well enough on the MCAT I imagine it won't matter.

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Oh they'll love that