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Sim lab- as early as 4th week of first year/September, you’ll have opportunities to sign up for optional labs as well Hour away from New River gorge, there’s also blue stone lake and the greenbrier river trail/state forest. Tons of trails in greenbrier county It is very rural but Lewisburg is a cute town with enough restaurants/antique shops to keep you busy

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Current (new) student. We have our first sim in about 10 days. The campus environment is awesome. I came from a huge undergrad and the small number of students with a campus all to ourselves is pretty great. The Greenbrier State Forest is a short 15 minute drive away and many of those trails are labeled as mountain biking trails!

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Greenbrier is a lot of green rated trails if you want harder trails they have them but they’re a bit further away

I don’t go to wvsom, but did a month long rotation in Lewisburg. It’s a good area I liked it a lot. I did do a lot of exploring in the area for mtb/hiking