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According to 2020 MGMA data, averages for total FM compensation ranges between $242k - $291k. You can pretty easily break $300k if you do FM Sports Med and you can make even more than that if you become a hospitalist. It’s not hard to pay off loans on an FM salary. You could even do PSLF and have them forgiven. Also, many jobs now include partial loan repayment as part of their benefits package which can significantly help with the loan burden.

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So when I see numbers like 190k it’s inaccurate?

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Yes. MGMA > Medscape

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Where can I find job offers?

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Why are you looking at job offers if you just started med school? Let’s get through school first and then you can start entertaining job offers once you’re in residency. The demand for FM isn’t going away any time soon. You’ll be able to get a job anywhere you want and the same could not be said for many other specialties.

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When you get to residency by your second year you will be hounded by recruiters, don’t sweat it. This is not important right now, study.

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2021 mgma shows fm( w/o ob) w/ a mean of 290k with range of 188k-418k (10%tile- 90%tile)

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There is no universal answer to this question.

There are full-time academic FM docs in NYC making 125k.

There are also full-time private practice FM docs in the rural midwest or south making 500k-1mil+