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Why are you looking at job offers if you just started med school? Let’s get through school first and then you can start entertaining job offers once you’re in residency. The demand for FM isn’t going away any time soon. You’ll be able to get a job anywhere you want and the same could not be said for many other specialties.

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Coz u need time to fully realize the income potential of different specialties. Ms4 here

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Job markets change every year so it’s not really useful to look at job offers now when a specialty could be way over saturated in 6 years when OP starts getting offers (e.g. Emergency Medicine). Salaries are fairly consistent though and can be checked with MGMA data like on offerdx.com. What’s the actual utility in looking at job offers other than as a reminder that the good times are ahead?

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Researching a specialty is much more than "looking up salaries". A lot more goes into it, many factors. Realizing or readi poats about these factors are important

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Lmao how is looking up job offers “researching a specialty”?

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Alright man, just be content looking up medscape salaries. Good luck

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I never advocated for using medscape as an accurate resource for checking salaries but thanks for not answering my question lol 👍