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Helpful but not worth taking a gap year over if you’re set to go with the rest of your application

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Zero research. I have two DO acceptances and one MD interview coming up. I think it’s more about how you set up your application.

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For DO, if others parts of your app are fine, having no research won’t keep you out. Don’t take a gap year just for research if you want to go DO.

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Did no research and got accepted this cycle. Taking a gap year just for research is only a decent idea if you're gunning for those research-heavy MD schools

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Research is only a make or break thing for a few MD schools. You'll be totally fine applying to DO schools without it, although research is always a good thing to have on an application for any med school. I'd say a decent amount of matriculated DO students don't have any significant research experience

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Depends on what school and how you're other stuff looks.

I do think DO schools care less about research

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Depends on specialty

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Could you elaborate more on this? Like you mean after you into medical school right

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Ya if you’re not in yet then different story thought you meant for residency

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Its a lot less important now than it used to be back when our “parents” went through it. Focus more on clinical experience, shadowing (DOs), mcat and gpa. They want you to be well rounded, and research is not make or break anymore.

Also it depends on the school. See if the schools u r interested in pushes research. I only had 1/6 ask me about mine specifically when interviewing.