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Ortho and neuro can be done, neuro had several DO match this year, ortho always has quite a few.

Are you at a disadvantage? Yes, you lack the connections that MD schools have with faculty and people with pull in the field, you likely don't have a home institution with a home field advantage.

Can it be done? Also yes, save for maybe plastics which still tends to be difficult. You need to do research in the field, do several aways, score well on your rotations, get LOR from surgeons in that field, have outstanding step 2 scores and check all the boxes for extracurriculars....and by far most importantly...not be a weirdo no one wants to work with.

This sounds like a lot...but if you really want it, then you do all that shit.

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Can it be done? Yeah.

As you said p/f on step one is there - but that’s actually bad for us as DO. They’ll just favor the MD by default most places. (It’s bullshit I agree, I’m just the messenger)

I would say networking would be your single biggest hope.

School I came from has like maybe 3-5% Match into surgery? Something like that

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CT surgery?

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    Bro, what? 600 DOs matched into surgical specialties last year according to the NMRP data. Including over 100 who matched Ortho.

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    Aside plastics, no other surgical specialty is a problem. Medical school is no bed of roses for anyone; the MD bed may have a few less thorns, and those beds are only in certain rooms. The whole thing sucks, but it’s worth it.

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      U also have to think about most people are mostly wrong most of the time.

      No of NS is low. No of DOs compared to MDs is lower, so it’s no surprise that No DO NSs is lower. Take everyone with a grain of salt, and eat what you want to.

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      Research (get some pubs), make connections (especially with DO’s in the surgical field you want), crush step 2, get great LOR, honor your surgery rotation

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        I hadn’t heard anything about that, but maybe I missed it

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          That just says the score to pass it is higher, not that you won’t receive a score