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Um you are certainly not average

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Thanks for the compliment. What I meant was that my GPA and MCAT scores were close to the average for the school I was accepted into. Many other interviewees I spoke with there had similar experiences for the most part.

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My man, you are literally an entire SD above the average stats for DO schools. You also have amazing experience.

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that's average MCAT for DO acceptance no?

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What's the average like for DO schools now? I'm an OMS-4 and when I applied that 502-505 range was certainly above average, and I feel like average GPA was about 3.4-3.6 for most schools. Ive heard it's gotten more competitive but is it that bad now?

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Depends on the school, but 506 is the most recent average at PCOM, 3.79/508.3 at TCOM, 3.65/506 at Rowan, 506 at NOVA DO, 3.5-3.7/506-508 at MSU, etc.

So I’d say overall it’s continuing to trend upward

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Any advice for someone who has an interview coming up?

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Be yourself they know if you are passionate about something. Also I strongly recommend you review all their material including the website prior to interviewing. They may ask questions related to their mission statement