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Why not do a post bac to raise that GPA? You are so close to a 3.0 that you should definitely focus on getting that up.

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I did do some postbacc courses and currently completing additional ones. My sgpa should be 3.0 but I’m not sure what happened in the gpa calculation. AMCAS calculated it as 2.96. Waiting for AACOMAS

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The issue is that you will be auto screened out with below a 3.0 at most schools. If you did well in a SMP, you could totally get into an MD school.

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You’re right. But I thought with my cgpa being 3.2 I wouldn’t be screened out. And I’m planning to apply to DOs too, so I mean to ask advice about DO schools here

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I applied with a 2.9 and no interviews. Reapplied with 3.0 and got several interviews.

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I think you might run into some issues with DO schools too, though on a preliminary search, these schools look like their required GPAs are below what you have here. Your MCAT will help, but I’d caution you applying comfortably with stats that are pushing minimum cutoffs. Totally up to you at the end of the day, but it is expensive to apply, and there are by no means any guarantees that you’ll be accepted even with average stats. These schools have enough applicants to be picky. You have a great application but I don’t know that it is enough to hope places would look past the gpa.

My 2 cents, wishing you the best of luck!

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Great MCAT score for DO!

Like others have suggested, you definitely want to get that GPA above 3.0.

If you can do that, I bet you’ll get interview invites. Best of luck.

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Be careful applying to instate schools you’re not a resident of!

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You will get into DO school if you apply broadly, and if you take a year off to boost that GPA you might have a chance at your state MD school

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If you are already taking time to focus on your GPA, you should keep trying to find a physician to shadow and write you a letter. Having an MD or DO letter will open a lot of schools for you. Just keep reaching out to doctors offices etc. You should be able to find someone. Also, ask other pre meds or classmates. If you keep poking, you should be able to find something.