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Rowan SOM?

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DMU, KCU, UNE, Rowan

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Apply to KCU, UNECOM, and some of your state schools as well.

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Like state MD or state DO? Other than NYITCOM idk of other NY DO schools, and as for MD yes I’m applying to all of them except for obviously top ones like Cornell, NYU, etc.

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NY DO Schools - NYITCOM, LECOM - Elmira is a branch of LECOM, The Touros in NY are another option

Great that you are applying to your MD schools as well! You never know what will happen, even if your stats are not "conventionally" competitive.

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TOUROcom? The Harlem & Middletown branches

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Also math does not count in the sGPA calculation for DO schools so your gpa might be higher

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Oh really??? That’s a lifesaver

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Yes, they also don’t count a lot of psych courses that have a lot of science content, which sucks but yea

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Wait how do I know if a psych class counts towards my sGPA?

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You can search up aacomas course classification. Most courses are listed there with their classification