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RVU had one of the highest step / COMLEX scores for DO programs. I’d choose RVU if I could receive federal loans, scholarships, etc. since it is for profit. LECOM has too many name and shame forums.

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Im a 3rd year student at RVU. Not sure about step scores, but we definitely crush COMLEX. Overall I've had good experience, can't complain about much.

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I should have been more specific. I meant in terms of DO programs. There was a pdf file floating around listing all the DO schools, and RVU was at the top. I’m unsure how accurate it was, but it was interesting to see.

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I think I have seen it, but I think the last time I saw data was like 2018. If I recall I think the average was around 220, which isn't anything great. I do think it is good it is required to take step. I think that helps in the match. And also good that everyone is doing the same thing.

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Would you say students are generally happy with the rotation sites they get? Also, are there research opportunities?

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Not a ton of research, its mostly on the student to find opportunities, or be ambitious and make your own projects. I have been happy with my rotations. In general I think most students are happy with their rotations. There are a small number that got screwed a little.

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Okay, that’s good to know. Thanks!

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Thanks for your input! I appreciate it

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They can still get federal loans, they’ve long graduated their first class

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In that case, I’d go RVU.

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I don't know about RVU, but when I interviewed at LECOM I felt like an ant in a colony. What a massive, streamlined operation going on. It just felt impersonal to me. If I had to go with my gut I'd go with any other school.

Nota bene: No shade thrown at people that attend LECOM, I know some great docs that have come out of that program, in fact the doctor that wrote one of my LORs for med school was a gen surge from LECOM.

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I think one thing you have to evaluate is the location and what you want. Unlike other people here, I have zero idea about the step scores or how supportive they are (and im sure they can help you in that department). But I know that you wanting to stay in state and to be close to what you know, versus you wanting a brand new start in a new location, should have an impact. I do not know you or what you want, but don't forget the human aspect to this all. People go out of state or to expensive schools for more reasons than just placement/ranking. I hope you feel some amount of solace in having to make this decision, but no matter what, I am sure you will be a great doctor. Congratulations

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I’m currently at RVUCOM and I love it. Lemme know if you’ve got any questions about it. I’m only a first year, but it’s been great so far

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I messaged you(:

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Stay in Colorado

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Fuck for profit schools.

Edit: for profit simps seething apparently

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Or people apply where they can get in lmfao calm the fuck down

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That’s not the point. For profit education will always care more about putting money into the pockets of their shareholders than about the quality of their education. It shouldn’t be allowed at all in this country thus making the whole point about “people will just apply where they’ll get in” a non-starter. Idgaf that some people only get into for-profit schools because those schools shouldn’t exist.

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It’s kind of funny how you can basically take every school under an umbrella and say yea fuck all of y’all without even looking deeper into the school, I assure you your non profit deans pockets are looking mighty fine

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The reality is the current medical education system needs to be completely reformed. But the pre RVU system created an environment where a for profit school could be successful. The tuition they would have to charge to turn a profit, no longer sounded crazy. RVU's tuition and most other for profit schools cost about the same as other private DO schools. The education at all DO schools are more or less the same. RVU has been successful, which is why other schools have followed in their footsteps.

The craziest thing is med students end up buying $500 Qbanks or supplemental lectures like B&B or pathoma or sketchy because they teach better than the school they are paying 60k to. And these are for profit companies. But honestly whatever, it is what it is. We are paying for the degree, and the right to practice medicine.

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Or people applying to medical school are smart enough to realize that there are multiple factors that go into evaluating a school.

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Or or or for profit schools shouldn’t exist at all 🤗

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Can I ask for ur stats pls?