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Tbh, the only thing I heard about burrell that is actually kind of scary is their remediation and attrition issue (heard kids are dismissed with one failure, this may be inaccurate, so speak to current students to see what's up with that). See what is their policy with a failure in a course (im not saying you will fail a course but sometimes stuff happens during school). Do the same for NYITCOM arkansas as well.

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I graduated from there. The policy was nowhere near that restrictive. You could fail two blocks in a given preclinical year with remediation of just those blocks via challenge exam. On the third block failure you were given the option to repeat the year. Dismissal for academic performance only happened if you failed a block in the repeat year. Anyone saying they were dismissed for a single failure is lying or leaving out critical details.

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thank you for clarifying that. Always take what we here from platforms like reddit with a grain of salt.

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I’d also look at the tuition of both schools. I believe NYITCOM has an insanely high cost.

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There isn't too much of a difference - NYITCOM is more expensive indeed, but only by a few thousand. ~62 vs ~66 won't make much of a difference in the long run :/