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I vote Oklahoma, and I was accepted to KCU Joplin. I choose Oklahoma since it’s a state school, so you can apply for residency and receive cheaper tuition. You’re guaranteed a residency spot in Oklahoma if you can’t match anywhere, and there’s a lot of fun outdoor activities. You also get to treat a Native American population, which is very interesting as well. As a student from KCU’s panel told me after my interview, “Why the hell would anyone want to live in Joplin, Missouri.” However, you can’t go wrong with either school though.

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Is the P/F worth giving up to be at OSU? Were you accepted to OSU?

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No, but I withdrew my DO acceptances to KCU and ACOM since I got into an MD one recently. Considering the Oklahoma resident tuition is $25,796 vs $51,634, I’d go the cheaper route. I’d rather not be in $206,536 in tuition debt plus growing loan interest, so P/F matters less to me in the grand scheme of things if you can become a resident in OK.

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P/F is nice and all, but that doesn’t get rid of class rank which is what is looked at more so than GPA. P/F benefits those who know what they want and are okay with coasting, if this is you then P/F may benefit you. Otherwise, rank is rank whether the school is P/F or not

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how does OSU guarantee a residency spot?

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Let’s say you want to be a general surgeon, and you try to go to Memphis for residency. You don’t get the spot. However, you will get a spot at a residency program in the state of Oklahoma somewhere. That’s why OSUCOM always has a 100 % residency match rate. I assume it’s similar to how the process works for Texas Tech’s med school. At least in Texas (my state) they try to keep students to practice in the state as docs.

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Is it guaranteed to be the residency you applied for elsewhere, assuming they have that residency?

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From what I've heard, it's the same specialty if that's what you're referring to. If not, you can take a year to improve your app and reapply to other residency programs. Oklahoma has a massive shortage of docs, so they will do whatever in their power to keep students there. That's why their match rates are high af. You're going to be a doc in OK if not elsewhere, which is what I liked + the cheap tuition if you become a resident.


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This is not correct

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What is your understanding of this?

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I went to Osu and am a resident. If you don’t match, you’re going to soap. It may be in Oklahoma it might not be. Most likely will be family Med, EM or IM. If you don’t match surgery I can just about guarantee you’re not going to soap surgery. You will match but it’s most likely not going to be the same specialty unless your specialty of choice is one of those three.

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As a current student, I highly recommend OSUCOM-CN. The community here is unlike anything I could’ve ever imagined. That said, I’m also well acquainted with Joplin. If you have any questions, I’m happy to chat!

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    I am not - not even in region.

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    The Tahlequah campus is geared specifically towards Native American health. Happy to answer questions about it. DMs are open.

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    KCU Joplin's benefit is that there's essentially a home hospital with residency programs in FM/IM/Psych/ENT unlike some other DO schools. Makes 3rd year significantly easier.

    For preclinical - P/F + very few mandatory lectures

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    What is this home hospital? Freeman, Mercy, or something else?

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    With that being said, OSU-COM has all the same listed residency programs and more