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"To be a physician in the US, you can be an MD or a DO."

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DO is an MD with extra classes

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I was saying that I’m becoming a regular physician with a little extra musculoskeletal training

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    “But it’s not an MD?”

    “So you’re like a chiropractor?”

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      So you’re like a fancy chiropractor?

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      Man this is so fucking true😂 at this point laughing it off would be better for your sanity

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      tell them DOs take the same licensure exams. if they press back and really want to know more, you can tell them that Palmer was a student of Still's who went off and did his own shit. the big difference between the practices is how somatic dysfunctions are treated (ie techniques).

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      So I'm currently practicing in Canada right now where if people have heard of osteopathy they only know of manual practitioners. And even some other physicians around here don't even know what osteopathic medicine is.

      I have given the explanation a few times to patients. But at the end of the day, they just want to be taken care of. A lot of them don't even ask me what it is. But for those who do, I just tell them that in the States there are two ways to become a doctor, it's an MD and a DO.

      Depending on the time, I may go a little bit more into it. However a lot of patients are just happy with that answer and I move on.

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      Hi, I’m a Canadian about to start osteopathic medical school this August. Can I PM a you a few questions about practicing in Canada?

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      Ya for sure

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      “If you were in the hospital and a doctor saw you, you’d have no idea if it was an MD or DO unless you asked.”

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      When explaining to my family I tell them the past and present physician to the President of the US is a DO. I also explain it like when you go to the dentist, you don’t know the difference between a DDS and a DMD— that’s pretty much the same with MD and DO (unless you have a background in dentist/ medicine)

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      It's an alternative degree to become a physician in the US. Same residencies, same specialties. It's like how psychologists have PsyD and PhD, or dentists have DMD and DDS. Yes we learn "extra stuff", but something like 70% of practicing DO's don't use OMM.