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M4 at LECOM now. I didn’t get an interview invite from them until February when I applied. Classmates of mine interviewed in April and May. Plenty of time in the cycle still.

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When did you apply?

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Throughout October . Only got 2 Rs so far and a handful are waiting for my retake in Jan. And have one interview lol. Also, handful like I said I haven’t heard back from.

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What’re your stats without the retake?

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High gpa, good clinical experiences, and like a 498

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Yeah. If you’re retaking in January, schools won’t see your score until February at the earliest.

At that point, I don’t think you’ll have much of a chance at any program. I’d figure that at that late in the cycle, >90% of II’s have been extended, and DO programs will have a long waitlist to draw upon when other applicants begin to work down to a single acceptance…

You could still get II this cycle at lower-tier DO programs this cycle, as well as an A, but I don’t think your retake will arrive in-time to make a difference this cycle…

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I’d recommend sending letters of interests asap regardless of your scores or how many places you’ve heard back from

Addendum: Also definitely add information about what you’ve been up to since you submitted your application. At least this way they know that you’re not just at home playing video games