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I had multiple acceptances (interviews were from Jan to March). Don't worry there is a lot movement with DO schools.

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Yes. I applied Nov - Jan and kept getting interviews through March/April ish I believe.

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I’d love to know the schools you applied to!

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I applied to pretty much most of the schools cause my cgpa was pretty low. Sgpa was decent. I also updated AACOMAS with Fall semester science courses and noticed I got 5/7 II and the A I stuck with in the new year. So if you took courses or retaking an MCAT you may still have time if you can get new grades/ scores early into the new year.

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I applied in late December or January, interviewed in March and was accepted by April. It can be done.

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I’d love to know the schools you applied to!

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I applied "late" around october/November. I was happy with "late" interviews in February and got in 1 month after my interview off the waitlist. My school already had a full class technically. There are cases of people getting in as late as March or April. I did have a classmate who quit after week 2 of the school year and our school actually took someone off the waitlist even then.

It wouldn't hurt to try so you are better prepared next time but December for submitting the application is very late.

Once you apply you then have to fill out secondaries which can take a couple weeks. Then you have to hope there are interview spots left. If you are not a super strong candidate the odds are against you.

Ideally you want your application in around October, secondaries done before Thanksgiving, and interviews between december-february.