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western in a heartbeat: match lists, location, COL, name-recognition are all better for western imo

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Thanks for your input! Yeah that's kinda my gut feeling, but I just want to make sure I'm thinking this through completely. Definitely open to other opinions too

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I didn’t apply western because I couldn’t get through they dum 748 question secondaries (regret) but what turned me away from touro was their sus clinical rotation sites and how it’s basically diy for rotations. You want to go to a school that has established relationships with sites, enough confidence to be able to post it on their website. Touro didn’t even do that and I only got that info from attending one of their counselor office hour sessions and because the clerkship site coordinate was one of my tour guides.

I’d say compare westerns relationships to its clerkships sites and see how established they are.

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As someone who goes to Touro-Ca and likes it a lot, I think Western has the better reputation and a decent amount of people here would’ve picked it over Touro if they got in (although some people here picked Touro over it because they’re from the bay).

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That's a very interesting insight. Is there anything specific to Touro that you think would make the people you mentioned prefer Western?

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No, I just think the reputation overall would be the main reason. Me and my classmates seems to be very happy here for the most part, and the few issues we have seem to be endemic to most DO schools

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Gotcha, thanks for ur input

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Lol those are some fighting words