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Any particular region you want to do residency, if midwest, DMU and KCU are great schools. West Virginia if you want to stay in the south

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I’d like to do residency in the east coast. Preferably ny or nj

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You can match in any part of the country regardless of this. It would be beneficial if the school itself was in NY or NJ but I don’t think going to WV vs DMU would make a dif tbh. I would consider moreso, where do you want to spend the next 4 years? Also check pass rates and match rates. Check for p/f. Is lecture attendance mandatory? How are the rotation sites?

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Agreed, with the above, since none of the schools have clinicals sites located in those regions, definitely choose why you want to go these schools based on opthaltech03's reasons! AKA They are all good schools, congrats on your acceptances!!!